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  9. When you say 'be it the husband or the wife' do you mean a sort of two-way spanking arrangement? That might work for some people, but for me I'm afraid it would be a disaster. I would absolutely HATE to feel that I could spank my husband the way he spanks me, it would ruin the whole thing for me. I think Edward Anthony sums up how I feel about it in 'Thy Rod and Staff' where he says 'Two-way discipline with the same partner works against the flow of hierarchy that is a vital part of dominant-submissive relationships, consensual or otherwise.' If it works for you though, that's great.
  11. by Louise C on 2004 Aug 3 - 12:36 | reply to this comment
  12. I have loved reading this thread
  13. It has been wonderfully helpful to me in thinking about my relationship and feeling more positive about it. I am definitely a part time submissive, in that for about 10 days before my period I am emotionally not into submission at all and am argumentative and constantly in trouble, while resenting any exchange which reminds me of my husband's authority. Reading these comments has made me realise that it is not unusual, and while other women might have different reasons for it, we can't be 100% submissive all the time.
  15. More than that, I have realised that this does not have to be completely negative. I really try hard now not to be 'nasty' but just to make things more interesting by not submitting willingly. DH understands about my PMT now, and he has to try hard to keep me happy, while being firm about things that matter to him.