From Wet Peccary, 10 Months ago, written in Plain Text.
  10. Culdcept  had a post the other day about his early experiences with women, and what’s funny is I was already thinking about mine and thinking about writing a post like this, but after reading his post, it made me delve even deeper.
  12. I almost feel like I had some natural alphaness that I let slip away at some point.  I remember in preschool, I went up to the cutest girl in my class and told her she was mine and we were going to get married.  We would hang out, never kissed or anything, and it was probably more chasing on my part than it was mutual, but what other preschool kids were approaching the cutest girl in the class?  None that I knew of.
  14. Then, in first grade, there was this girl I would hang out with all of the time.  I would go over her house after school, she would come over mine.  I was the first guy in my elementary school to have a girlfriend, kiss a girl and even see her naked.  Yes, when we were over her house one day, we we playing around in her parents bedroom and she got naked.  I had never seen a naked girl before, but I figured I’d return the favor, so I pulled my penis out to let her see.  She smiled.  Obvsiously, this was first grade, so I wasn’t interested in sex or escalating or anything of the sort.  I was a proud man just to have seen a vagina up close.
  16. She moved away after first grade, to Massachuettes or New Hampshire or some place far like that.  (What’s even more hilarious, is she supposedly went to college with me, same school, same year, but I never once saw her, met her or talked to her.  My mother was the one that told me she went to school with me.  I tried to find her on Facebook a couple of times, but nothing ever came up.  I haven’t seen or spoken to her since 1st grade.)