From Unreliable Parakeet, 1 Year ago, written in Plain Text.
  12. I do on average a 7th day routine, sometimes 4-5, and here’s my personal observations:
  13. Day 1: If I’m working, I’m pretty powerful this day. If not, I’m lazy, withdrawn, depressed. Get hard easy, get horny easy.
  14. Day 2: Better than day 1. More cocky.
  15. Day 3: Usually a major dip.
  16. Day 4: The best. I feel invincible and take on any assignment.
  17. Day 5: Usually a dip, but still self-confident. Prone to irritation and fights.
  18. Day 6: A little better.
  19. Day 7: Good. Pent up frustration and horniness push me to release. Sometimes rock hard, sometimes soft erection.
  21. Mattias April 6, 2013 at 11:30 am
  22. @ Paul: Remember that too much knowledge and wisdom can mess up your social life. Learn the stuff that’s important for your future career and your hobbies, but I think keeping it simple is the key. I have a penchant for indulging in conspiracy theories and these can definitely impair your social skills. In fact, conspiracy theories and porn are my main obstacles. If you clog your mind with info that you have to steer around in a conversation, you will never succeed socially; you will be awkward.
  24. Paul April 6, 2013 at 5:07 pm
  25. I agree with you keeping it simple is important. I am not an outright awkward person, I have plenty of friends and am normal around them, but I definitely notice my social skills take a dip after recently fapping. On day 3, I felt great!… Did a lot of school work, had a very intense workout, and was much more outgoing. Now I’m on the 4th full day right now, and am just starting to notice my irritability increase. I still have generally more energy and am more outgoing, but the irritability has been the trade-off.