From Speedy Wigeon, 5 Months ago, written in Plain Text.
  10. But I do like spanking. I don't know why. There is just something so damn good in that tactile experience. He says I like all forms of intensity. I love to eat, I love to smell different things, (part bloodhound) I love to experience sensations, and I love to be spanked. Not because I am 'bad' persay, although that has reared it's head and I can go with the tumble. It's more of the recipe of what it does. To have accountability is partly an adrenaline rush. Secondly for me the submission is acute. I need to be able to give up in a large way. And then there is the sting. Which despite the reason, seems connected with my sexuality. Even if it doesn't at the moment, it will an hour later.
  12. Gary and I have discussed what would happen if we were to stop spanking, or if it became something one of us didn't want to do anymore. And after a moments thought from each of us, we came to the same conclusion. We would not stop being us, nor loving each other. I would only be totally shocked if Gary stopped being the HOH or lost his dominant edge. That would almost do me in. But if he never spanked me again, it would not stop us from going forward nor loving as hard as we do..........Blush
  14. by Blush on 2004 Nov 20 - 14:55 | reply to this comment
  15. Treated like a princess?
  16. I've seen comments before on this site from women who talk of being treated like princesses, and I must say it always makes me wonder a bit which princess they get treated like. The late Princess of Wales? The former Duchess of York? The present Crown Princess of Japan, constantly being bullied over her inability to produce a male heir?