From Gracious Pheasant, 2 Months ago, written in Plain Text.
  10. Much of what Noone suggests is brutality. It is so very different from being Taken in Hand..... Equally so, I can differentiate between a damn good spanking from my husband and a thrashing. And I can tell the degree of love he has for me even while I am being spanked.
  12. Your comment suggests knowledge that you simply do not possess. It may very well be true that you know for yourself when discipline turns into brutality, but you can not know by Noone's words alone that what he proposes is brutal. There are many in society who would think that because you are being spanked by your husband that you are being brutalized. Yet, for some reason you think your way is superior. Don't you think that that might be a little presumptuous?
  14. Having read much of Noone's writing, I sense an implicit consent that exists in his relationship with his wife. I remember him once remarking that one reason she loves him is BECAUSE he knows how to handle her. My wife has the same desire to be handled. If I was unable to handle her she would be sorely disappointed.
  16. The woman who wants to be taken in hand desires the man to be in charge and to firmly discipline her when he thinks it is necessary, both for her sake and for the health of their relationship. My wife does not enjoy a disciplinary spanking, but she loves the fact that I know how to handle her, which sometimes means putting her over my knee and firmly spanking her behind when she behaves in a way that I find unsatisfactory. As much as some would like to suggest, this is not a scene, it is a matter between a husband and his wife. I see no brutality in what Noone writes about how he handles his wife. What I see is a man who deeply understands his wife, knows what needs to be done, and is willing to do it.