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  10. Sorry, but if the man doesn't feel that primal urge to protect and take care of his family, he feels aimless and lacking a role in family life. But, not allowing men to act like men is not going to create a bunch of effinite, metro-sexual men. We're already seeing the opposite effect, where young men walk out on pregnant girlfriends to run with gangs to satisfy the need to unleash that aggression,and often lash out and become a danger to the women and children they are suppose to take care of!
  12. This is so lovely a description. This is the type of wife I would like to be. To find such deep love that lasts and such graciousness, I wonder if it is possible still in a world so changed. Me, me, me. How self-focused society suggests women to be. Achieve and be, be, be. How fine it would be to find deep joy and achievement in the simplicity of serving one's family. One's spouse. This is what I strive for in my heart.
  14. Thank you for the descriptive story, Sarah.
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  17. One Day...
  18. Sarah,
  20. That is truly the most beautiful post you have done on this site! And it’s so good to see someone else not giving up on the fairy tale! It feels like a continuation of the one you did Make each other feel the luckiest person alive! which I was drawn to as well, and also Could this kind of relationship be for you?. The latter post is the very one that first drew me to this site in the first place, it reminded me of that “sweeper” dream I had mentioned in the last thread, the woman from a dream who had this sacred cherished glow to her who was humming as she swept her ancient Japanese home, blessing all those that came near with this deep joy and peace. The closest image I could find that matches that energy for me is the one I’d mentioned here. And I know that is the deeper thing I seek, being cherished like that, so cherished that even sweeping one’s home for the one she loves becomes a truly sacred thing. I don’t think it’s serving though, I think that serving crosses a critical line into clamping down on one’s own comfort cues and thus one’s female receptive core—and your grandmother in your post and the woman in my dream were both humming and glowing, which feels like the very opposite of a clamp down on comfort cues to me. It feels like true obedience, which is a received thing to me, a natural extension of being cherished.