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  14. It's like some can't wait to marry and then two or three years down the road they start the complaining.
  16. What is it that changes? How does the magnetism of love settle in to the mundane boredom and complaining, and resulting changes of behavior? Is love so blind or do people think marriage is a safety net for them to say and act how they want, even when disrecting their partner?
  18. It works both ways, of course. You can hear it in little bouts of sarcasm and sometimes catch rolling of the eyes between two partners reactng to each other. And it grows until their is a noticeable division between them.
  20. No thank you. Taken in Hand may seem politically incorrect to many, but it keeps a great balance and seems to help prevent many needless power struggles that can chip away at loving relationships, over time.
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  23. Changing men
  24. It can indeed work both ways. For instance, before we were married, I literally had no idea that my husband would turn out to be so aggresively obsessed (as I saw it) with keeping the house tidy etc. He gave no sign whatsoever before we were married and bought ourself a house that he was like this. Neither in his own flat, nor in mine where we lived for several months before we were married did he show signs of this tendency. It was only after he became a property owner that he manifested this aspect of his character.
  26. I think it was becoming a property owner that changed him rather than marriage, but anyway, it's possible that it's the same with women who want to change men. I mean, things that annoy them about their husbands may genuinely not have annoyed them when they were single. You don't always know how you are going to feel about someone when your circumstances change.
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  31. ..the more people have in common, the more they fight over the few issues where they disagree.
  32. There is a scene in Monty Python's Life of Brian where the Romans have rounded up a group of early Christians, probably for lion food or archery targets. The Christians start furious arguments about fine points of faith while the Roman soldiers look on with bewildered amusement.
  33. I think what happenens in many online 'communities' comes from the fact that the members are not connected by location, occupation, ethnicity, or other things, but are connected by similar beliefs.
  35. If my neighbor and I strongly disagree about a social practice, we can always change the subject. In a forum about things like Taken In Hand, it's not possible to change the subject.
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  40. Changing Men