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  15. The thing about divorce is, because it was very difficult to come by before the 20th century, we have no way of knowing how many marriages would have ended in divorce had it been more easily obtainable. For all we know, the divorce rate might have been as high then as it is today, had it been as easy to divorce then as now. In societies where divorce is readily available, people always seem happy to take advantage of it. I feel that if you're going to end up as a single parent, it's better to be through divorce rather than death.
  17. I heard recently about an agreeable custom that exists under shia law in Iran,temporary marriage, whereby you can be married for any period of time from five minutes to three hundred years. Instead of the rather daunting 'till death do you part' the clergyman declares you married for 'a certain period of time'. This gets around the severe Muslim laws against fornication.
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  20. Noone's post on monogomy
  21. Noone,
  23. I am not disgreeing with your post, but simply asking for clarification on a couple of points.
  25. When you refer to 'Godless alternative lifestyles', what did you have in mind? For some people, a monogomous relationship which has not been made 'legal' is equally as 'alternative' as one in which a couple indulge in something like wife swapping or even polygamy, and I feel that 'alternative' is very much in the eye of the beholder. After all, to many people in the 'vanilla' world, a couple who use spanking as a form of discipline are leading an 'alternative' (some might even say BDSM) lifestyle.
  27. I also wonder how, given the different standards of the past, we can be sure, "that real domestic violence was rare, if not non-existent, among the so-called Puritans in the New World". Who is to say that, in those far off days, it was not considered perfectly acceptable for a man to 'chastise' his wife to the extent that she would carry visible bruises and other injuries that today would be classed as 'domestic violence'?
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  30. 'natural' monogamy?
  31. Far from enjoying 'all but universal acceptance,' monogamous marriages have been relatively rare in human societies for most of history: ethnographic studies show that upwards of 80% of societies have practiced some form of polygyny. On a tangential note, I'm rather amused at the sociobiological/evolutionary arguments that are put forth in favour of male dominance, especially since it's rather obvious that the people making the arguments have a very sketchy idea of how evolution actually works. To be fair, this site doesn't feature much of that, but the Gor folks seem to be obsessed with proving that their chosen lifestyle has some sort of 'natural' mandate.