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  11. But 199.99 it’s just the standard revenge package. You can always customize your package to include threesome, Bukkake party, the angry pirate, the California cabbage patch and visible narcotic in the background. Not only is revenge on your target a priority, we also know that hurting the ones closest to her is an option. So her best friend or roommates can get it to. Hell, for an extra 20 we wont use a condom. We also have a “life is hell” package, flooding apartment, saw off heels on her stilettos, and my personal favorite, putting a pet in the microwave.
  13. Please don’t think our services are only limited to your ex girlfriend, wife, fiance. These tactics can be applied to…
  15. Mother in laws
  16. coworkers
  17. grandmothers
  18. aunts
  19. ex roommate
  20. female lawyers
  21. a bartender at you favorite bar
  23. You get the picture basically anything with a vagina, the age of consent or older, and not deemed mentally retarded by the state. The last one can be negotiated on. Listen, when it comes to revenge, most people would tell you to move on and live your life. Those people don’t know shit. True revenge takes up most of your time but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done. Like getting tested for Hep C after you get a tattoo on your chest and your break out in hives. So why don’t you live your life and pay people who don’t really have one to do the job for you? Our operators are waiting.

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