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  10. Not everyone in a Taken In Hand relationship engages in any kind of violent engagement, but many do, and many appreciate Noone's perspective. What I like about his perspective is that he has a really deep understanding of some women's need for subjection. You will never see Noone whining about how women need to be more submissive. In fact, he has written against the idea of pretending to be submissive when you feel anything but. You will never see him talking about being passively served by a woman. That is clearly not what he expects from his wife. And yes, he understands the need of some women to be firmly and thoroughly taken in hand, and this article is one of my favourites in that respect. It may seem like brutality to you or someone else, but it definitely doesn't to me. He may not understand you, but he understands me very well, and I am not even a spanko!
  12. We are all different. The kind of man who would please a woman who would find this brutal is probably not the kind of man I would want to be with. It really does take all sorts. Let's try to remember that.
  14. FTR, I could be mistaken but it is my impression that the word “beat” has different connotations in American English vs English English. It does not sound necessarily abusive to me, but I have noticed that it does to many Americans. The same is true with other expressions, such as “a jolly good thrashing”, and other colourful phrases.
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  17. Careful what conclusions you draw
  18. I notice that people get a lot out of this site, but that most people get something quite different from others.