From Eratic Butterfly, 1 Year ago, written in Plain Text.
  9. To know her, and I didn't try to force anything out of her. During this entire conversation, not only are we caressing each others legs, but our hands are slowly rubbing against one another under the table.
  11. On top of this, the conversation has gone from us being a distance apart, to trading words in each others ears, with our lips slightly rubbing against each other as we go in and pull away. I can't explain how this happens. We're just slowly getting more and more intimate, taking our time arousing one another. It's instinctual.
  13. Fiji and her friend are just staring at us. Her friend wants to leave...
  15. Me: "Look, it looks like your friend wants to steal you away from me, so I'm going to let you go. Don't you hate it when your friend sees that you're into someone, and they try to steal you away?"
  17. Punky: "I hate it when I go home and I never see that really cute boy that I met at the bar again."
  19. Me: "I'll tell you what, I'll give you my number so you can give me a call sometime."
  21. She agrees, and gives me her number as well. Her friend gets up...
  23. Punky: "Are you coming with us? I want you to come with me."
  25. I look at Fiji. Shrug my shoulders. What can I say? She grabs my hand and drags me all the way to Brothers. We go inside. She keeps pulling me along. Deja Vu of last week...
  27. Punky: "This is my favorite song!!"
  29. Me: "Let's dance."
  31. Do we go to the dance floor? No. We dance right there in the middle of the floor, in front of everyone. Do we care? No. Anything fancy? No. She understands what matters most, that the two of you are dancing in sync. I spin her around, push her away, pull her back. The girl is smiling the entire time, having the time of her life.
  33. The rest of her friends arrive. Time for them to leave. From experience, I know that she isn't going to have sex with me tonight, at least not in front of her friends. She places my arm around her waist. Places hers around me. We walk outside. Turns around. Stares at me. A kiss. No more.
  35. 8AM. Havoc's. A beer and a shot of whiskey. Michigan gameday at Ohio State. Gotta love it. Panini's for the game. Entirely too packed. No way to get chairs or a table, unless of course, you happen to be Assanova.
  37. Havoc and I stand by a table. Time for military style tactics. A guy gets up, and I immediately sit on his chair. He comes back. Looks at me. I stare back. Not a word. This is when being a big black guy pays off. Even though they shouldn't be, everyone is afraid of you.