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  10. Marion Morrison was married three times and fathered seven children. As with his war films, Wayne's work on McLintock and Quite Man may have been to experience what Marion Morrison could never achieve with the women in his life.
  12. Even though much of John Wayne's personal philosophy appears in McLintock, Maureen O'Hara - who gave up her film career during her successful marriage to a man, who was in real life everything Wayne played on screen - probably understood what Marion Morrison needed to do in real life better than Morrison's alter ego (Wayne) understood himself.
  14. Some of O'Hara's understanding appears in the earnestness with which she plays the Taming of the Shrew vignettes in The Quite Man - filmed a decade earlier than McLintock. Rumor has it that O'Hara also chided Wayne for not spanking her hard enough during the filming of McLintock.
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  17. Eric wrote:
  18. I like a woman with a big personality who doesn't give away her power and submit when she's with a real man.
  19. Eric....I understand why you would not want to be in a relationship with an obsequious woman or a woman who is overly deferential. I, too, am attracted to women who possess some self-knowledge and who are unafraid to voice their opinion. However, it would be wrong to associate submission with weakness. It takes a strong woman who possesses a clear understanding of herself to submit to the leadership of a man she trusts.
  20. This woman would understand her need for a strong man who is capable of taking her in hand. Arriving at, and then accepting this kind of self=knowledge takes an inner strength that is not evident in all people. It should be no surprise that many of us arrive at this kind of self-knowledge later in life.